Exclusive Accounts

Befor Going to take step,You Must know

Some Questions in Your Mind

what are exclusive accounts ?

Well Exclsuive accounts are some Confidential and Highly secure and restricted PPC/SPY and premium account  which are self manupulated  and monitored by  by their respected owner We offer dedicated  Exclusive account for our customers to remove any kind of  region  limitation. All Accounts are made and operated by ourself we provide full access to account with Remote desktop and other Personal and informative data.

Does Exclusive Accounts charges higher then other Accounts

Yes ! Their cost is  much higher then other tools and account with 1:5 Ratio.  because they are higher restricted accounts to sale and  manipulated by their Machines. They are hardly obtained and can be banned and limited by their owners when they Got any suspicious activity or violence of their rule and regulation, terms and policy or some kind of IP or DNS detection, so be care full while using them

Why we  have not listed them on site 

They are very high authorized accounts, We do not offer and promote any kind of piracy we will serve  these accounts by getting other group buys provider . We don’t have any kind of this account and we do not offer them due to privacy policy .we just provide these account to customer by getting from other group buy provider. 

What should i have to do if i want a exclusive account

Simply Go to live chat and ask to agent for your desired Special account . If Account is available.He will give you order Number  and email to submit your order after payment you will get that  account in 24 hour 

Can i get A Refund if an account is not working

Yes, You can get  full refund  if a account does not work in 24 hour But in case if an  account work more then 24 hour, dont request for a refund, do not purchase these accounts if you are not satisfied with terms and condition , just Go and purchase dedicated account and dont waste our time

For submit your exclusive Account Order Email us : [email protected]